Een pracht van een product-presentatie.

HP maakten6 van deze hoogwaardige videos om hun nieuwe reeks industriƫle printer reeks te presenteren.

De voice-overs werden tijdens virtuele live sessies opgenomen, met 9 mensen aan de lijn verspreid over 4 continenten.

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Sean has been one of our best finds in the industry. He was recommended to us for a sizeable project with many people involved, so flexibility and unusual working hours were required.

We did multiple virtual live sessions. Sean responded to direction very well and delivered clean, ready-to-use files.

He delivered on every aspect of the job. I highly recommend working with Sean, and look forward to our next collaboration.

Peaky Blinders BoRDSPEL

De makers van het Peaky Blinders bordspel vroegen mij om deze commercial met ‘gangster attitude’ in te spreken.

Beluister hier het resultaat.

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VR Experience:

A glimpse into the future of transport.

I work with the Delft Hyperloop team every year. This production was made in collaboration with Altspace and INDG.

This video was picked up by international media.

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A glimpse into the future of transport. The Delft Hyperloop team asked me to voice this animation video, explaining Hyperloop.

We paid extra attention to detail, getting the dynamics of the music and voice-over aligned with the flow of the video. Small things make a huge difference.

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Web video:

A voice-over that sounds badass and nonchalant for this project, like “I’m cool, I don’t give a f**k”. Creating a vibe that goes well with the laid back music track.

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You've browsed around. Like what you hear?

Explainer video:
60 Seconds

Stuff that happens online every 60 seconds.

FutureCowboys created this awesome clip and asked me to provide the voice-over with a casual, conversational tone-of-voice.
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Industrial Video:

Industrial videos always remind me of that show “How It’s Made”. Hence my love for recording voice-overs for them.

Clients often ask me to sound like Anthony Hirst in these.

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Native Instruments Straylight

Native Instruments‘ new granular synthesizer Straylight walkthrough for potential buyers.

The spooky vibe coming from the synth made me want to deliver the voice-over with a more toned-down, mysterious tone-of-voice.

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The Heineken Prizes are held every 2 years. Here is the introduction video for the event.

Recording voice-over for events is very enjoyable, because I love giving people experiences.

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Plantanious had this charming web video made to promote their green, sustainable company.

The music they chose invited this exciting, story-telling tone-of-voice.

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